Special Adhesives for the Packaging Industry Mertler Industrial Materials, Coatings and Binders Binder for the sector and a wide variety of such products in the fields of Textile Auxiliaries, are shipping different regions of Turkey. If you want to take part in the growing trend of hundreds of our satisfied customers please contact us.

Workshops, factories, sports facilities, cement and ready mixed concrete plants, wet painting powder coating plants, aluminum coating facilities, molding facilities, construction and construction elements, all kinds of agricultural and agricultural equipment manufacturing facilities, textile manufacturing facilities, workshops, lathe, power generation facilities , autoproducer, mine production and enrichment plants, home and office repair and maintenance workshop equipment, stainless steel manufacturers, plating shops, construction, hospitals, clinics, food processing plants, kitchens, areas of banks, vehicle service istasyonarı, petrol stations, car washing and We produce high quality products to repair shops.

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