Nazan and Ahmet Mert by in Corlu Textile Industry Established Mertler Industrial Materials Corporation still Textiles, Dyes and auxiliary chemicals for the manufacture and distribution of packaging sectors.

Industrial R & D following the developments closely with a professional staff Mertler 'all the time with new products due to the importance given to the service.

We The number of and growing every day hundreds satisfied with the among our customers to see you have the greatest pleasure.

On the one hand the chemical product needs of our customers in the best way to provide the most appropriate solutions to meet the other hand, R & D investments on behalf of the importance and benefits to increase productivity

Understanding of business excellence and quality service our customers, our employees with a high level of ethical and spiritual values ​​of a company to be preferred.

Values ​​are:
Reassuring the country, providing excellence in manufacturing and services, acting wise, stable, responsive, accessible brands need. These values, our customers will add even more powerful.

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